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"A piece of writing is only worth doing if you and your readers are different people at the end of the process than you were at the beginning."

*Adam Senex*

Why spend time reading?

How will that bring success?

What is successful reading?

For life to be considered a success, then that same life must feature success in relationships with others and Gaia, in work and creative projects, in health, fitness and the mind-body realm, in an abundant material world and last but not least in spirituality with unconditional love and peace of mind as the ultimate prizes.

Simply to get better is the best resolution and wisest starting place for us all, wherever we begin. Improving ourselves is something we can all be a success at. We can all get better and progress in a rewarding and successful life. There is little joy to be found in achieving success in one or two areas at the expense of the others. Part of living a successful life is the ability to manage, balance and harmonise our lives as a whole both individually and collectively. Just as we are responsible for striving towards wholeness as individuals. We can progress towards wholeness across the range of situations that we as human beings need to be proficient in. Whole Life - Whole Person.

Why spend time reading?

If we fail to read! We are a captive audience to be fed what to think and what to believe through all of the popular and controlled media sources. Our existence is that of an automaton and our existence remains limited and easy for our ruling classes to control us. Foucault called it docile. We are docile citizens, puppets to be controlled by our puppet masters. Whoever they may be!

Reading challenging material opens our minds to other possibilities that we would never consider without exposure to the creative minds of writers. There is a goldmine of information in books just waiting to be discovered. Hidden in plain sight. Our rulers rely on us not reading and are comfortable in our ignorance. All oppressive governments in history burn books and control information as the first step in controlling the masses to their will. It may be decidedly more subtle but the same thing happens in our society. And in many ways it is more of a threat because we are blissfully unaware as long as we get our pile of shiny stuff and can cater for our addictions. Addictions such as television, consuming, phones, not to mention the obvious food, drugs and drink. Reading does help to understand what may be going on behind our backs.

How will that bring success?

Success in reading can be measured by how our lives can be explained and we can better understand how wrong we have been about many of our truths thus far. The very concept of truth becomes very questionable. We can understand ourselves better through Jung's personality types and at the same time understand others which makes for better relationships. There are books on this site that will transform lives. They have change my life. I had not really read a book up until about a decade ago and due to intense suffering I began to read and since that day I have never seen life as clearly as I do on this day. That is success. When we read a book, whether we agree or disagree with the writer at that moment we have grown. Many books lead us to a change of habits and beliefs and help us to become more. That is success. Books teach us through the experience of the writer, an experience of another the same as us. Often writers seem to be writing to us personally or seem to write about our concerns of the moment as if they know what we need to know.

I write about awareness, progress, getting better and how that might work for us all in the real world. My writing by necessity is probably more rebel than Zen - I write to motivate, inspire and teach optimism in a very difficult world, that can be easy with a simple change of mind. I cover all aspects of life from health and fitness, work, relationships and everything in between. Getting better in the real world – whatever that might be! I am not alone in this goal. Many writers want to bring success to the readers and that is the primary purpose. That mentality brings change and success to both readers and writers alike.

What is successful reading?

For reading to be a success in your life. I believe that there needs to be meaning in what is read. I also think that a book should provide energy and motivation for the whole of life and leave us hungry to discover more through yet more books. A paper trail of knowledge and discovery. Successful reading provides a buzz and ups and downs. Hopefully more ups than downs. Books should leave us with much to reflect upon and the question of how we can adapt our lives to make them better. 

Even a great life can always be better and that will only happen if we imagine what we want in reality and work in that direction. Making different choices. We should be happy, healthy, wealthy, healed, whole, powerful, strong, loving, harmonious and rich in ways we never dreamed possible and all because we read, learn and use that wisdom to become more than we are now. As with all new habits that we would like to adopt, just the leap of going from non-reader to reader is a successful step. In much the same way as adopting an exercise habit, if we can make the practice a habit then we are guaranteed a modicum of success. That is progress, that is success. And contrary to the popular belief - The sky is not the limit.. The mind is.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts… I will do my very best to post every week, as I figure most people will have more time to read at least one post each week. Watch out for my other blog sites for alternative views on other topics. All blogs can be accessed from this site via the menu.

May your day be filled with precious moments. Peace and Love – Adam x


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