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The will to get better (action & progress) - CLICK ABOVE

I write and coach awareness, progress, getting better and how that might work for us all in the real world. My writing by necessity is probably more rebel than Zen due to the numerous discoveries by other authors of what might be happening behind our backs. Our society is set up to distract and keep us docile. I am able to map personal progress despite all of the obstacles. I write and coach to motivate, inspire and teach optimism in a very difficult world. I cover all aspects of life from health and fitness, work, relationships and everything in between. Getting better in the real world – whatever that might be for any one of us at this time in our unique individual lives!

MainIy due to my extensive reading and study schedule (I love it) I do all of this from the new thought paradigm, with a belief that our inner universe (mind) is connected to our outer universe and it is through our personal thoughts and mastery and control over our own minds that we create the reality that we live here in this and every precious moment.

The will to embrace the new thinking paradigm (mind wide open? - CLICK ABOVE

For me, there are four keys to our inner universe that I feature with the four pages of my websites. I name these four areas wills as it is with our will that we are able to change and grow in each area. We must want to change, to grow or progress and that is through our will and our curiosity to know what we can become and where we are going. And an explanation of how we got here and now. All of this is possible. Nay probable. Much of my lived life became clear to me once I began to use the four wills. I used them spontaneously before I decided to organise them into workable areas of effort. Each web site is dedicated to one of my keys to the inner universe which automatically strengthens the connection to all there is and enables us to find our true power. And to transcend what we have been duped to believe it means to be human.

The Four Wills

  1. The will to get better (action & progress) -
  2. The will to embrace the new thinking paradigm (open minded) -
  3. The will to read and discover, curiosity, observation and questioning –
  4. The will to understanding & mastery of The Body-mind

These areas are great for helping to piece together a personal world view. Albeit a flexible one as life is a non-stop process and there is no room for fixed beliefs in a life process of continuous creation. It would seem that all truth has a limited time frame and being certain closes our minds and that is contrary to our evolution. Each of these areas overlap into the other areas. For example – reading is the only way to understanding and mastering the body-mind possibilities and many of the concepts that will be new to us or that we have been aware of and dismissed as new age thinking. Nothing is possible without the will to get better. No change is possible without embracing new thinking (and old). Included here either visibly or invisibly are the areas of work, relationships, health and fitness, home, material abundance and spirituality.

For many this will mean a shift in thinking of astronomical proportions. For some, there will be reminders of ideas previously touched upon and the leap will not seem as big. There will also be those that have an intuitive feeling for the new thinking as truth and will feel immediately that their life has followed these laws and know the truth. This thinking has probably been around for thousands of years and there are many signs it has but humanity is so locked into conformism that it has been lost to the masses. The book and film called The Secret touched on what we are capable of but sold it in a way that was misleading and ultimately disappointing to those that wanted a quick fix.

There are many books on the subject to be read and the more the better in order to make up one’s own mind. There is also the conditioned mind to deal with. We have been brainwashed away from our destiny for many thousands of years and it is not so easy to get back on track. Particularly when we are drawn away from our natures on a daily basis by the media and the way our society has been set up to distract and addict away from true growth. It is difficult to live a life of love knowing these facts but that is the requirement, to become what you want to see in the world. Reality has more to do with who we are at the depths of our souls than anything that we do.

Conformism is the lowest form of humanity. It is a good place to start but not very ambitious. Comfort in conformity is the prison for billions on this planet. Conformist mind is rarely under the control of the individual and has a herd mentality that stunts the growth of humanity. I believe that our rulers are aware of what they do, but that is part of the discovery each of us may make and deal with accordingly. Each of us has a different path to take and the same books or concepts will affect people differently. We are at the same time linked together with all others and life and paradoxically individual in how we get better. We are a tiny part of the bigger picture but the only way to get better is by getting better individually. Each individual then raises their own vibration and at the same time that of the collective.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts… I will do my very best to post every week, as I figure most people will have more time to read at least one post each week. Watch out for my other blog sites for alternative views on other topics. All blogs can be accessed from this site via the menu.

May your day be filled with precious moments. 

Peace and Love – Adam x


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