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The Only Sane Choice

"We all have the power to make this planet a safe and loving haven for generations of human beings to come simply by choosing to change our mind-set."

With the Getting Better series of books I write to motivate, inspire and teach optimism in a very difficult world. I cover all aspects of life from health and fitness, work, relationships and everything in between to the best of my ability at the stage I am at in that precise moment in my life. Getting better in the real world – whatever that might mean!

We would all like to be perfectly Zen a calming influence amongst the turbulent world and that was my initial intention with my writing. 100% constructive, positive and optimistic throughout it all but it soon became blatantly clear that there is much going on behind our backs and that approach would be unrealistic and quite frankly unworkable in a world that has many demons and not enough heroes and angels. If we wish to get better, we can’t begin by ignoring anything that may make us uncomfortable. There is much in human society that will make us very uncomfortable indeed. I will signpost books to read here for you to understand more fully to what I may be referring. But you will need a very open mind and to understand that much of what you think you know now is programming. Your learning and world view will be unique to you and will be a process of constant change and discovery.

What do we do with all of this awareness, how can we help?

We simply work to get better ourselves, we don’t waste energy on resisting the rest of the world that we are unhappy about. We raise ourselves above it all.

We live in a Universe that is an ocean of energy that we can't see. Everything is energy. The all important thing is to live our lives at the highest possible energy level that we can attain and the more of us that are able to do this the better the world will be. It really is that simple.

There is a battle on this planet between higher and lower energy and much of what we see on the news would indicate that lower energy has control of this planet. That is our task, to change the energy of the planet, to take it so high that the lower energy just fades out of awareness completely. You have heard the saying “ignore them and they will go away”. By ignoring them we are not using our energy to boost them. We must not get dragged down to their level, we created this by letting them drag us down, we can end it by taking their powers away. Their power comes from our fear and anxiety, our anger and stress is their energy source. We are being held back. Incidentally we are the them I am talking about. The difference is simply the choice of energy we choose to live our lives. Moment to moment choices shape our existence and that of the planet.

We start with ourselves and support our friends and loved ones if they are on the same journey and that is how we save this planet and evolve the human race. We do it by recognising that our hearts and minds create our worlds and everything else is just a distraction and an effort to stop humanity reaching its full potential. Or as many would say the dark side of the human mind prevailing over the light.

Probably the best thing we can do, is to approach it all with a sense of humour and not take it all so seriously and that way our state of mind will be perfect and ever so slightly annoying to those that want us to live in fear.

Peace & Love - Adam x

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